Open fronted fires are generally less in cost than a similar glass fronted unit so a good option if your central heating is adequate and you are looking for more of a decorative fire. However some are now available with up to 74% efficiency.

Glass fronted fires are much more efficient (75% – 95%) with higher heat outputs. They can be a little dearer to buy initially but your running costs will be lower and they can be relied upon as an excellent source of heating.Gas fires are available in all shapes and sizes to suit all chimneys and flues or even if you don’t have a chimney.

Choose from a huge variety of frame designs and finishes to get just the right style for you.

Gas fires can be hearth mounted in your choice of traditional or contemporary fireplace surround or ‘hole in the wall’ style without a hearth for a modern space saving solution.

We are very experienced in adapting any fireplace to suit whichever type of gas fire you choose. Visit our Inset Gas Fires page to view some of the fantastic fires we have to offer.